Parenting From Two Homes

Specific Services:

This workshop series is designed to confront the four major roadblocks to returning to high functioning parenting: anger, poor communication patterns, new family designs, and logistics of complicated schedules.

The class will include time for mothers and fathers to gather in separate gender groups with a conflict coach. The facilitated conversation will identify the personal “hot” topics needing intervention.

The group will then combine to include all parenting pairs. In the combined group session the coaches will present the planned curriculum and blend in discussion on the identified hot topics. The parents will problem-solve based on the presented information and create personalized agreements for conduct change.

Agreements, unique to each parenting pair, and will be reviewed during the 6-week session. Each parenting pair will have the opportunity to schedule a meeting with a conflict coach for personal attention.

Anticipated Curriculum

Each workshop series will be adapted for the content appropriate for the participants. Generally, the workshop series will include: 

Session 1. Goal setting – what type of post-divorce family do you envision? History of your relationship to Divorce – individual story telling deepening an understanding of why we react the way we do to divorce stress. Three models will be taught: Co-parenting, parallel parenting, and independent parenting.

Session 2. Why does the other think so differently –respecting the gifts the other parent brings to you child;

Session 3. You can’t always get what you want…but if you try sometimes, you get what you need: The art of compromise and understanding how to set up a healthy negotiation.

Session 4. Communication norms – what works and what doesn't. Developing new personalized guidelines.

Session 5. Monkeys in the middle in the new family – setting boundaries to keep the children out of parental decisions and recognizing step parents and step sibling roles.

Session 6. Mechanics and Logistics: Contact schedules, holidays, finding the lost socks, and other mechanics of daily life. This includes a chance to actually mediate the issues you face.

Timing and Location of the Workshop Series

The series is a rolling schedule starting approximately every 8 weeks. The series will begin with the enrollment of no less than 4 parenting pairs (or 8 people) and no more then 8 parenting pairs or 16 people. Each session will be 2 hours long, beginning at 6pm and will be held at a facility in the Augusta area.