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Who We Serve

The founding of The ParentWorks was predicted on the belief that children adjust best to their parents’ separation or divorce when parents cooperate skillfully in the best interest of their child.


These classes are designed to educate parents:

  • who are divorcing, or
  • who live apart and are separated, or
  • who have never been married and are separated.

Many attendees who are struggling through the divorce process are ordered to attend the class by a Magistrate in the Maine District Court Family Division.  In many instances, the Court orders parents to attend when they demonstrate an inability to resolve conflict concerning parental rights in the context of their separation, divorce, or in the development of a parental rights and responsibilities order.


All parents experiencing separation or divorce who are interested in cooperating in the best interest in their child or children are encouraged to attend.  While referrals from the Family Court System receive priority, inquiries from the general public are welcome.  Classes are attended primarily by residents of Knox & Lincoln Counties; inquiries from other counties are accepted.