Specific Services

Since 1988, ParentWorks has offered monthly 4 hour parent education classes and skill building workshops for families in transition experiencing separation or divorce.  Classes generally meet on a Saturday morning from 8:30a.m to 12:30 p.m., encouraging participation from individuals attending.  Class size is limited to 12 attendees.    Certificates of completion are provided to all attendees, and when necessary, serve as proof of attendance in court proceedings. 


These workshops are designed to:

  • enhance the co-parenting skills of each parent
  • teach parents about the impact of separation and divorce on their children and each other
  • educate about the importance of co-parent collaboration and successful parenting partnerships
  • facilitate non-custodial parents’ access to and visitation with their children as necessary

At the end of each class, attendees are encouraged to complete a program evaluation.  Suggestions are used to improve both the course curriculum and the manner and style of presentations. 


Here is what some of the previous parents are saying:


“I’ve enjoyed hearing other people’s stories, and it verified that I am not the only one going through this process.”

“I’ve learned how to keep our children out of the middle.”

“I would recommend this program to people that are still together to improve their communication skills and learn ways to better parent their children.”

“I learned how to stay focused on the needs of my children as they, too, go through this change.”

“Excellent! Thank you, Thank you!’