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Families to Benefit from Home Counselors - PARENTWORKS Merger

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Rockland, ME – September 25, 2012 - Home Counselors Inc.(HCI) is pleased to announce a merger with the PARENTWORKS program, a Knox County based workshop series that equips parents to help their children cope with separation and divorce.

PARENTWORKS, implemented in 1998, was developed to address the growing body of evidence that shows children who adjust best to their parents' separation or divorce have parents who cooperate "skillfully" for their children's sake.

Attending separate sessions, each parent learns about the impact of separation and divorce on themselves as well as their children. They also learn about the developmental needs of their children and acquire skills for communication and conflict management to support better co-parenting.

Assisting children and families through the difficulties of family life and transitions has been the mission of HCI for over 25 years. PARENTWORKS is a fitting addition to the range of counseling and educational services offered at HCI.

HCI has appointed Lauren Armstrong, LSW, to be Program Coordinator of
PARENTWORKS at Home Counselors Inc. Ms. Armstrong currently teaches positive parenting skills through HCI’s Family Reunification Program. She is well-informed about the Family Court requirements, the experience of parents going through separation or divorce and recognizes the critical importance of developing functional co-parenting relationships.

PARENTWORKS is endorsed, promoted and receives funding through the Family Division of the Maine Court System. Parents interested in registering for future workshops or learning more about the PARENTWORKS program should contact Home Counselors Inc. at 596-0359, Ext 117 or visit:

Contact: Lauren Armstrong

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